Hair Restoration

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“I've been suffering with hair loss ever since I turned 24. I hated looking in the mirror because I would see more and more hair fall out each day. I tried all kinds of pills and potions promising to regrow my hair but always came up short. For the first time I can truly say that my confidence level is at an all time high. It's working for me. Thanks to The Laser Hair Clinics I look 10 years younger.”
D. Williams Oct. 2006

Laser Therapy is the only FDA Approved method for hair growth that is not a drug/medication.  Our lasers stimulate cellular metabolism while dramatically increasing circulation.  This unique combination is necessary to heal or restore damaged hair follicle cells.

Laser therapy increases capillary capacity and blood flow which delivers cellular nutrition.  The higher amount of energy delivered to the scalp and hair cells via laser therapy enables increased nutrient absorption and thus an increase of stronger, thicker and healthier hair.

At TLHC, our approach to hair restoration combines the latest technology in cosmetic lasers with a holistic program of clinically formulated and proven DNA hair and scalp products, DHT blockers and chlorine free water.

dr gary bernard

"As a physician, I was frustrated by my continued hair loss despite taking the proper medications to stop it. Laser hair restoration therapy combined with the prescribed medications has not only stopped my hair loss, but regrown my hair. Quite simply, it works!"
Dr. Gary Bernard -The Laser Hair Clinics 
Orange Park, Florida

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dna hairtekSpecial Offer

Receive a full year supply of DNA HairTek products with your laser therapy package.

DNA Shampoo
DNA Conditioner
DNA DHT Blocker

DNA Hair TeK is the most advanced and exclusive hair restoration product line available anywhere.

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The Laser Hair Clinics clients receive:

  • Hair Analysis – Digital Microscope System
  • FDA Approved Laser Therapy
  • DNA Shampoo
  • DNA Conditioner
  • DNA DHT Blocker
  • Shower Head Filter



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